1. Do you identify with how Nathan reacts to the death of his wife? How might you have reacted differently?
  2. How does Nathan relate to each of his daughters? What do you think the issues with each one are, and how are they affected by their relationship to their father?
  3. Maria’s situation is very different from Nathan’s. What are your initial impressions of her? Does she have your sympathy?
  4. Do you think Nathan’s in-laws are justified in their suggestion to take the girls? Why or why not?
  5. Do you think Laura and Nathan had a good marriage? Why or why not?
  6. How does Maria benefit and grow from her relationship with the Wests? How do they benefit from their relationship with her?
  7. Do you think Maria was justified in slapping Alexa? Are you sympathetic to Alexa?
  8. Do you think Maria should have told the police that she recognized her brother in the photos? Why do you think she didn’t?
  9. How do you think Maria should have responded when her brother approaches her? Could anything have changed the outcome?
  10. Do you agree with Maria’s decision to return to Bosnia?
  11. How does the epilogue affect your perception of the story?