1.) How do you think you would react if you were Libby, when Simon Baum first
approaches her? With belief or disbelief? Defensive or understanding—or maybe a
bit of both? Or something else?
2.) Why do you think Libby’s father reacts the way he does at the start, refusing to talk
about it?
3.) How do the first chapters in Hans Brenner’s point of view change or affect the way
you see Leo Weiss as an old man?
4.) Do you think Libby was right in showing Simon the ring she found?
5.) Do you think Hans is being deliberately obtuse or is he truly naïve, when he first
arrives at Sobibor? Should he have brought Anni?
6.) Do you think the way Lucas and Em respond to the news about their grandfather is
understandable? How are they different?
7.) Does the media storm following Libby’s father’s case seem justified? What should or
could she have done differently?
8.) What do you think was the real issue between Tim and Libby and the way they
9.) Was Hans right to feel complicit in the murder of Daniel Weiss?
10.) If you had been in Hans Brenner’s situation, what do you think you would
have done throughout the story?
11.) How does Libby come to a better understanding of her father when they
travel to Germany?
12.) Do you think the verdict in his trial was fair?