1. Do you sympathize with Beth at the start of the story? Do you agree with her feeling that people tend to make judgments when social services become involved?
  2. Do you think Ally’s motivations were right in wanting to foster?
  3. How do Beth and Ally’s ideas about motherhood differ? How are they the same?
  4. Do you think Susan acted correctly towards Beth? Why or why not?
  5. Do you relate to Ally’s tentativeness with Dylan at the start of him living with them? How would you feel in that situation?
  6. When Josh and Emma get into trouble, Ally feels it reflects on her as a mother. Is that an understandable feeling? Do you, if you’re a mother, struggle with this?
  7. Do you think Dylan should have stayed with Ally and her family after Emma’s suicide attempt?
  8. How does Dylan help Ally?
  9. How do Beth and Ally help each other?