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The Angel of Vienna

Nazi-occupied Vienna, 1940: An absolutely heartbreaking story—based on devastating real events—about tragedy, friendship and courage in the face of impossible odds.

“Nobody wants to die, Hannah. But these children… they haven’t even lived yet. And you have a chance to save them. The question is just: are you brave enough?”

Hannah Stern is a twenty-seven-year-old nurse, who takes a position at Vienna’s esteemed psychiatric hospital Am Steinhof, accompanying her estranged half-brother’s son, Willi, with whom she soon forms a close bond. At first the hospital seems like a safe haven—a beautiful, airy, spacious place of healing and recovery.

But the hospital has secrets. And they are darker than Hannah could ever have imagined. Children are disappearing—not to be healed as promised, but taken somewhere else. Somewhere terrible.

And when Willi’s own life comes under threat, Hannah knows she must act, despite her own fears. When she discovers one of the other nurses is also trying to help patients escape, Hannah becomes determined to help in any way she can.

But she is only one person, fighting against a horrific, overwhelming regime. And to save even just one life, she must risk her own…

The most unmissable historical fiction of the year, guaranteed to leave readers in tears. Perfect for fans of My Name is EvaAll the Light We Cannot See and The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

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