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  Intense, International RomanceKate Hewitt Romance Author  
Kate Hewitt's books on Goodreads
Out In The Country Out In The Country
reviews: 59
ratings: 448 (avg rating 3.33)

The Lone Wolfe The Lone Wolfe (Bad Blood, #8)
reviews: 30
ratings: 317 (avg rating 3.70)

This Fragile Life This Fragile Life
reviews: 47
ratings: 205 (avg rating 4.20)

An Inheritance of Shame An Inheritance of Shame (Sicily's Corretti Dynasty, #4)
reviews: 45
ratings: 246 (avg rating 3.54)

The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin (The Royal House of Karedes #4)
reviews: 13
ratings: 220 (avg rating 3.57)

January 2008