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  Intense, International RomanceKate Hewitt Romance Author  

The Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite Series


Welcome to Thornthwaite, a quaint village tucked up in England’s beautiful but rainy Lake District… where homecomings happen and surprises are in store for the four Holley sisters, daughters of the local vicar, each with their own happy ending to find and follow. There's the oldest, Esther, who has always been in charge, and bubbly Rachel, who is longing for the roses-round-the-door fantasy. Shy Anna must learn to be brave enough to follow her heart, and rebelllious Miriam is finally going to come home. Four standalone series as part of a poignant and heartwarming series.

A Vicarage Christmas
A Vicarage Christmas
Book One in the
Holley Sisters of Thornthwaite Series
Coming Soon
A Vicarage Reunion, January 11, 2018
A Vicarage Wedding, April 10, 2018
A Vicarage Homecoming, July 9, 2018










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January 2008